Interior Design & Consultation

Seeking to bring our functional and elegant style to each project, the interior design team, led by Ruth De Jong, is equipped to transform any space; commercial, residential, or special-use. From interior to exterior, restaurant to home kitchen, refreshed furnishings to full-scale remodels, allow us to collaborate your vision with our talents to produce a space that is authentic, interesting, and every bit as livable as it is beautiful. 

Furniture & Home Goods 

The shop carries an array of home goods available for immediate purchase. Furniture pieces are made to order with lead times that vary seasonally. All of the goods, large and small, are handmade at the workshop in historic downtown Los Angeles. De JONG & Co. strives to make goods in a way that appreciates and supports the laborers and skilled craftsmen who produce them.

Custom Furniture & Design

De JONG & Co. produces a wide range of custom work from residential to commercial applications, from objects to design. Whether they are pieces that derive from the unique product line they provide or ideas that are entirely new and yet to be conceived, De JONG & Co. is available to help take you from the drawing board all the way through production. Whether you are a client of our interior design team or a designer yourself, the staff at De JONG & Co. is sure to be your best new asset in creating new objects, spaces, and worlds.