All our work is made by hand in downtown Los Angeles. Our wood shop sits among the bundled warehouses that make up much of the city's heart - unique spaces that are square and stoic, rustic and charming. Filled with tradesmen, history, and skills, the true wealth of this area lies in the stories told between people and through their product. A quality we are proud to be a part of, and eager to share with you. 

Strong sense of community lies deep in our foundation, as we are a family company with a desire to do things the right way - through production to interactions with a neighborly heart. With seven talented and creatively motivated owners, our experience runs broad and deep. We are artists, sculptors, musicians, chefs, and storytellers. These neighborhoods in which we live and work inspire our collective passions.

Our furniture is built with solid wood joinery and has a classic refined quality. Just as much of East Los Angeles, they are spartan and striking in the same breath. Our home goods are simple and yet distinctive, with every touch and cut adding to their integrity. Everything we build is made to be used and sure to last - our small reflection of this neighborhood we call home.